Egerton Hotel London

Some of Our Favourite Hotels

So you are planning on booking a hotel in London, what a brilliant idea! With our helpful advice we can recommend you some of the top hotels in the capital city which we adore.

Hotel 41

Hotel 41 is renowned for the service like no other and don’t we know this very well. The many reviews that Hotel 41 receives do not come anywhere close enough to how magnificent this hotel really is. The high attention to detail Hotel 41 has results in visitors being treated to the highest standards, We adore every bit of attention and therefore adore everything this place has to offer, an excellent place to stay to spoil yourself!

Whether you’re planning a business trip or just want a luxurious escape, Hotel 41 will not disappoint!

The Kensington Hotel

Everybody in London knows that the area of Kensington is amongst one of the capital city’s most affluent districts. With what comes with affluence in an area in London is the many hotels of sheer excellence. We are always looking for the next thrilling experience and a stay at the Kensington Hotel is more than enough to satisfy even the most experienced travellers. The hotel itself is remarkable, on the outside you will notice the cream exterior design which fits in incredibly with the local area.

When you step through the front doors of this hotel for the first time you will notice the comfortable atmosphere they have created. From the interior design to the staff who are always delighted to see somebody step through its doors, this hotel is a perfect venue to visit with good company.

Egerton House Hotel

The Egerton House Hotel is beloved by us because of the homely feel they have managed to provide. The rooms here have some of the highest attention to detail and are beautifully furnished. This hotel is well known not just in the capital city but across Europe due to the location, overall quality and staff who work hard to provide the most exquisite experience.

An overall impeccable place to stay, it is no wonder why we recommend the Egerton House Hotel as one of the greatest places to stay in the capital city.

We hope with all of the information above that it has helped to give you a clearer understanding of what our favourite hotels to spend an evening with a London escorts are. If you have any questions please get in touch with us!