The Arch Hotel London

Our Guide to the Top Hotels in London

In this latest article we will be looking into the top hotels in London and giving you a guide to the different types of hotels London has available. Whether you want to experience utter luxury or just want a short cheap getaway in this article you will find some brilliant options.

Our first option is somewhere you will want to stay if you are looking for somewhere incredibly luxurious and it goes by the name of Como The Halkin. Now it does not get much better than this and you should expect nothing less than sheer excellence when staying here.

The Halkin provides the most impeccable service brought to you welcoming, friendly and helpful staff who do not stop until you are completely satisfied. This is a major pillar upholding the magnificence of this hotel. Rooms at The Halkin are remarkable to say the least, spacious with an amazing interior design not to forget the luxury bathrooms. Lastly the location of The Halkin is perfect if you are looking for a quiet place to stay well away from the capitals busiest parts. Just South of Hyde Park the local area gives visitors plenty to be doing such as exploring the many shops, pubs and restaurants dotted around the city.

Our Next option is for those wanting to visit a great hotel on a budget. If you are looking for cheap hotels in London then we highly recommend the Strand Palace Hotel. The overall quality of this hotel is incredible and the offers they have right the way through the year make this hotel an excellent option for anybody wanting to stay somewhere affordable.

The Strand Palace Hotel offers excellent facilities and quality of service. The hotel itself has recently been undergoing some work to give a more modern style with this comes incredibly comfortable bedding, large bathroom and you can look forward to a delicious breakfast in the morning. The location of the Strand Palace Hotel is great however you may need to plan you day ahead as days out can be expensive in the local area.

The last hotel inside our guide to the top hotels in London is the infamous Arch London. The Arch London Hotel is similar to the first option however offers a much more bespoke experience. This hotel is well known for going the extra lengths to make sure visitor satisfaction is at its highest and this is why The Arch London receives many reviews highlighting its excellence.

Being located in Mable Arch this hotel is near the tube allowing visitors perfect transport routes across the capital. You can expect to encounter courteous staff who help to make the whole experience and atmosphere a comfortable one to remember. The Rooms are immaculately clean with good lighting and comfortable furniture. Enjoy a stay here in this quiet tucked away hotel in London for an experience you will not forget, The Arch London delivers every time.